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BIO - Plant Garlic Flavor

BIO - Plant Garlic Flavor

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Flavor Organic Garlic Seeds

Discover our Flavor Bio garlic seedlings, certified organic and ready to deliver a lush garlic harvest!

Why choose Flavor Bio:

  • Italian Origin: Flavor originated in Northern Italy and is known as a versatile variety that can be planted in both autumn and spring.
  • Robust Garlic Bulbs: It produces round, white bulbs with strong skin and contains an average of 12 to 15 purple colored cloves per bulb.
  • Versatile Cultivation: This variety thrives on different soil types and is suitable for cultivation in various soil types.

Tips for planting:

  • Optimal Planting Period: April is the best time to plant this garlic for a July-August harvest.
  • Harvest and Drying Process: After the harvest in July-August, it is important to let the bulbs dry thoroughly in the garden before bringing them in.

Characteristics of Softneck Garlic Seed Potatoes:

  • Adapted to Mild Climate: Softneck garlic is well adapted to our milder climate and is known for its longer shelf life, a sought-after trait among garlic lovers.

Ready to grow your own garlic? Add Flavor Bio Garlic Seeds to your shopping cart and prepare for a tasty, organic harvest!

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