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BIO - Plantui Sturon

BIO - Plantui Sturon

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Sturon Bio 10/22 mm Plant onions

We proudly present the Sturon Bio 10/22 mm onion onions, the undisputed favorite among Dutch onion onions. Sturon is known for its excellent storage life and early harvest, making it an absolute winner.

Why choose Sturon Bio:

  • Long-lasting Shelf Life: These onions are unbeatable in terms of shelf life, allowing you to enjoy your harvest for longer.
  • Early Harvest: Harvest early in the season! Sturon onion onions can be harvested early for an early start to your onion harvest.
  • Beautifully Shaped Onions: The Sturon onion grows into a beautiful flat-round onion, perfect for various culinary applications.

Tips for planting:

  • Ideal Planting Period: Plant these onion onions between March and mid-May for the best results.
  • Optimal Environment: They grow best in a sunny spot with humus-rich soil.
  • Depth when Planting: Place the onion sets fairly deep in the ground to prevent birds from eating them.

Harvest period:

  • From approximately June to August you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of these organic Sturon onion onions.

Ready to create your own onion paradise? Add the Sturon Bio 10/22 mm Plant Onions to your basket and prepare for a tasty harvest!

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