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BIO - Seville seed potato

BIO - Seville seed potato

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We always charge shipping costs for seed potatoes, with the exception of orders for seed potatoes from €50.00.

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Organic Seville Seed Potato

Hey garden lover! Let your garden shine with our Organic Seville Seed Potato. These organic potatoes are your ticket to a fresh harvest in your own garden and are particularly resistant to Phytophthora.

Why choose Organic:

  • Naturally Grown: Our seed potatoes are organically grown, which means pure nature and a greener garden!
  • Environmentally friendly: By choosing organic, you contribute to a healthier ecosystem and maintain the fertility of the soil.

What makes the Bio Sevilla so special:

  • Robust and Sized: These seed potatoes are strong and just the right size (28/35) for your garden. Suitable for various preparations, from table potatoes to crispy fries.
  • Phytophthora Resistant: This variety is known for its resistance to Phytophthora, making it a reliable choice for a successful harvest even under challenging conditions.

What to expect:

  • A Green Growth: Plant them in your garden and watch them grow into lush potato plants. Soon you will harvest your own organic and fresh potatoes!
  • Tastefully Sustainable: Enjoy the taste of your own organically grown delicacies. Fresher than fresh, without additives straight from your garden to your plate.

Time to start your own potato revolution! Add the Bio Seville Seed Potato to your shopping cart and let your garden bloom!

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