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Organic Wildflower Mixture

Organic Wildflower Mixture

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Organic Wildflower Mixture (BIO)

Bring the beauty of wildflowers into your garden with our Organic Wildflower Mix . This mixture, suitable for naturalization, contains approximately 20 species and is ideal for sowing directly in the open ground from late March to mid-June. You can sow widely or in lines, and thin out slightly if necessary. Our advice is to use approximately 1 gram per square meter. If you mix it with grass seed, use a ratio of 1 to 5.

This wild flower mixture is not only a feast for the eyes, but also attracts bees and insects, which contributes to healthy biodiversity in your garden. With a height ranging from 20 to 100 cm, this mixture offers a beautiful diversity of flowers that bloom from June to October.

Product features

  • Mixture suitable for naturalization with approximately 20 species
  • Attracting bees and insects
  • A beautiful diversity of wildflowers


  • Height: 20-100 cm
  • Type: Annual


  • Sowing time outdoors: March to June
  • Flowering time: June to October

Create a blooming paradise in your garden and support nature with our Organic Wildflower Mixture .

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