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Organic Endive (number five 2)

Organic Endive (number five 2)

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Organic Endive - Number Five 2

Enjoy the crispy and tasty leaves of our 'Organic Endive - Number Five 2'. This versatile vegetable is perfect for both spring and autumn cultivation. Sow the seeds outdoors in June-July on a seedbed or in rows. After 3/4 weeks you can plant out or thin out the seedlings for optimal growth. Please note that endive is sensitive to cold and can 'shoot' quickly. Therefore, wait before sowing when night temperatures are still below 10°C.


  • Suitable for both spring and autumn cultivation.
  • Produces heavy, uniform heads.
  • Less sensitive to premature bolting.

Give your garden a tasty twist:

  • Height: 20 cm

Bring the fresh and crispy taste of 'Organic Endive - Number Five 2' to your garden and table. Be surprised by this versatile vegetable that can enrich your meals in both spring and autumn. Lets eat!

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