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Organic Eggplant Black Beauty

Organic Eggplant Black Beauty

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Organic Eggplant Black Beauty

Be surprised by the deep purple-black beauty of our 'Organic Aubergine Black Beauty'. This flavorful and pear-shaped fruit adds a delicious dimension to your vegetable garden and culinary creations. Sow the seeds in March-April in a seed tray at a pleasant temperature of 20°C, or later outside under glass. After transplanting, you can plant the seedlings indoors in pots or place them outdoors in a sheltered and sunny spot.


  • Oval spherical dark purple fruit, suitable for cultivation in a pot.
  • Strong variety that thrives in outdoor cultivation.
  • Juicy and very tasty.

Give your eggplant plant the perfect spot:

  • Position: Full sunlight.
  • Height: 500 cm.

Timing is essential:

  • Sowing time indoors: March to April.
  • Sowing time outside: May.
  • Harvest time: August to September.

Discover the rich and tasty world of 'Organic Eggplant Black Beauty'. Add a touch of deep color and delicious flavor to your dishes. Let this special eggplant shine in your garden and on your plate!

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