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Organic Gherkin (Profi F1)

Organic Gherkin (Profi F1)

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Organic Pickle Profi F1

Go for the ultimate pickle experience with our 'Organic Pickle Profi F1'. This bitter-free pickle will surprise you with its strong growth and abundant yield. Sow the seeds under glass in mid-April to May, transplant the seedlings into pots and plant them outside from mid-May or sow directly outside in rows from May. Lead the tendrils of the plants alternately to the left and to the right.


  • Bitter-free pickles for a delicious taste experience.
  • Strong growing with a high yield for plenty of enjoyment.
  • Resistant to mildew and cucumber virus.

Let your pickle plant steal the show:

  • Location: Height up to 200 cm.

Timing is essential:

  • Sowing time indoors: April to May.
  • Sowing time outdoors: May to June.
  • Harvest time: July to September.

Discover the world of tasty pickles with our 'Organic Pickle Profi F1'. Enjoy bountiful harvests and resist disease as you cultivate these delicious vegetables in your vegetable garden.

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