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Organic Chives Garlic

Organic Chives Garlic

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Organic Chives Garlic (BIO) :

Make your dishes sing with our Organic 'Chives Garlic'. These tasty Chinese chives not only add a subtle hint of garlic to your dishes, but also add a beautiful accent to your green space. Sow the seeds in neat rows outside from mid-March to August or grow them comfortably indoors all year round, for example in a flower pot. In the second year you can remove the flower stems to promote leaf growth. Enjoy the mild garlic flavor in salads, soups, fish dishes and omelettes.


  • Enrich your dishes with a mild garlic scent.
  • A tasty addition to salads and more.
  • Essential ingredient for a delicious garlic sauce.

Sowing and Growing:

  • Sowing: mid-March to August outdoors, indoors all year round.
  • Ensure healthy leaf growth by removing flower stems.

Culinary Pleasure:

  • Add the unique garlic nuances to your favorite dishes.
  • Create delicious salads, soups, fish dishes and omelettes.

With our Organic Chives Garlic you can give your kitchen a delicious twist and add a pinch of garlic love to every meal. Let your taste buds dance to this delicately spiced harmony of flavors. Enjoy your meal! 🌿

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