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Organic Cauliflower

Organic Cauliflower

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Organic Cauliflower - Goodman (BIO)

Discover the delicious taste of organic cauliflower with our Cauliflower Goodman. This early variety is ideal for both summer and autumn cultivation. The plant thrives and has beautiful upright dark leaves with excellent self-covering. For an optimal harvest, cauliflower needs good fertilizer and soil with a high pH value. Sow in a seed tray in mid-March and transplant the seedlings into flower pots as soon as the first germ leaves appear. After about 3 weeks you can plant them outside in the garden, once the plant has developed 4 true leaves.


  • An early variety, suitable for summer and autumn cultivation.
  • Excellent self-coverability.
  • Beautiful upright dark leaves adorn this cauliflower variety.


  • The cauliflower plant reaches a height of about 50 cm.


  • You can sow indoors from March.
  • You can sow outdoors from April to June.
  • The harvest period runs from July to September.

Grow your own organic cauliflower with the Cauliflower Goodman seed packet and enjoy the delicious taste and nutritional value of this popular vegetable.

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