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Organic Broccoli

Organic Broccoli

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Organic Broccoli - Calabrese Natalino (BIO)

With our organic Broccoli Calabrese Natalino you can enjoy a healthy and tasty addition to your vegetable garden. Sow the seeds under glass from February to March, prick them out and plant them outside in May. You can also sow, prick out and plant out directly outside from mid-April. Broccoli is known for its high vitamin C content and is considered one of the most nutritious vegetables.


  • This broccoli variety, Calabrese Natalino, is highly prized.
  • The broccoli's flavor is excellent, making it a favorite in many dishes.
  • The cabbages have a beautiful color that embellishes your vegetable garden.


  • Suitable for open field cultivation.
  • Grows to a height of about 50 cm.


  • Sowing indoors is possible from February to March.
  • You can sow outdoors from April to July.
  • The harvest period runs from June to October.

With the organic Broccoli Calabrese Natalino you can treat yourself and your family with fresh, tasty broccoli, straight from your own vegetable garden. Discover the satisfaction of growing this healthy vegetable.

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