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Organic Calendula Marigold

Organic Calendula Marigold

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Organic Marigold - Ball's Orange

Bring a touch of cheerful orange splendor to your garden with our organic Marigold, Ball's Orange. Sow the seeds outdoors in open ground from late March to May, spread out or in rows. Slight thinning may be necessary to allow room for growth. This flower is easy to grow and serves not only as a charming addition to your garden, but also as an excellent cut flower.

What makes this Marigold extra special is its natural ability to keep ants at bay thanks to its strong scent and to attract bees precisely because of its strong scent. So not only will it brighten up your outdoor space with its vibrant orange flowers, but it will also act as a useful companion in the garden.

Product features

  • Repels ants with its scent and attracts bees
  • Easy to grow
  • Excellent cut flower


  • Reaches a height of 60 cm
  • Annually recurring


  • Sow indoors from March to April
  • Sow outdoors from April to June
  • Blooms from June to October

Brighten up your garden with the vibrant orange flowers of our organic Calendula Marigold, Ball's Orange, and enjoy both its beauty and practical benefits in the garden.

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