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Buzzy Organic

Organic Zucchini Dunja

Organic Zucchini Dunja

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Buzzy Organic Zucchini Dunja F1 (BIO)

Do you want to enjoy an abundant harvest of delicious dark green zucchini? Then choose Dunja F1, a professional top variety with a beautiful open plant structure and resistance to numerous zucchini diseases. With Dunja F1 you can expect a very large harvest of this tasty vegetable.

Sow the seeds from April to the end of June and plant them outside from mid-May, as soon as the weather permits and the young plants have grown sufficiently. Dunja F1 thrives best in the open ground and will enrich your garden with delicious zucchini during the growing season.

Product features

  • Professional top variety for excellent performance
  • Beautiful open plant structure
  • Resistant to a large number of zucchini diseases

With Dunja F1 in your vegetable garden, you are assured of an abundant harvest of tasty zucchini. Grow this organic zucchini and enjoy the delicious taste and versatile culinary possibilities.

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