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Buzzy Organic

Organic French Radish

Organic French Radish

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Organic Radish French Breakfast 3

Product features

  • Tasty, elongated tubers
  • Suitable for cultivation in open ground
  • A cheerful addition to your garden


  • Prefers a sunny spot


  • Grows to a height of 15 cm


  • Sow in the open ground from March to August
  • Harvest period from May to October

Description Enjoy a tasty addition to your garden and kitchen with our Organic Radish French Breakfast 3. These crispy, elongated radishes thrive best when sown directly in the open ground. The fresh, spicy taste and cheerful appearance make them a valued addition to your culinary creations and garden.

For a balanced organic garden, we recommend sowing these radishes next to carrots and lettuce. This creates a natural balance in your garden and promotes healthy crops. Sow the Organic Radish French Breakfast 3 in the open ground between March and August and harvest from May to October. Experience the taste of freshly picked radishes and add a touch of natural elegance to your garden with this organic favorite.

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