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Organic Jalapeno Pepper

Organic Jalapeno Pepper

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Organic Jalapeno Pepper - Mexican Pepper

Add some spice to your culinary adventures with our organic Jalapeño Pepper, also known as Mexican Pepper. Sow the seeds from mid-March in a seed tray at a temperature of 20°C or later outside under glass. After transplanting, you can place the plants in pots, grow them in a greenhouse or place them on the windowsill.

This pepper is suitable for lovers of very spicy dishes. The Jalapeño is known for its strong and spicy flavor, perfect for adding a little heat to your meals. In addition, this pepper is also a decorative addition to your balcony or terrace, where it can grow as a pot plant.

Product features

  • Suitable for very spicy dishes
  • Ideal as a pot plant
  • Suitable for very spicy dishes


  • Reaches a height of 60 cm


  • Sow indoors from March to April
  • Harvest from July to October

Bring some Mexican flair to your garden and dishes with our organic Jalapeño Pepper. Venture into the heat and discover the excitement of this spicy condiment.

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