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Organic Climbing Bindweed Mixed

Organic Climbing Bindweed Mixed

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Organic Climbing Bindweed Mixed (BIO)

Add a touch of beautiful climbing plants to your garden with our Organic Climbing Bindweed Mixed . This fast-growing tall climbing plant is ideal for growing up around fences or old walls and provides an enchanting appearance. Whether you sow under glass in early spring (mid-March-April) or later (mid-April-end-May) outside on a seedbed, this climbing plant will quickly shoot up and transform your garden into a colorful paradise.

Product features

  • Fast growing climbing plant
  • Suitable for pots
  • Blooms mainly in the morning, also known as the "Morning Glory"


  • Height: 300 cm
  • Type: Annual


  • Sowing time outdoors: April to May
  • Flowering time: July to September

Bring beauty and charm to your garden with the Organic Climbing Bindweed Mixed and enjoy the beautiful flowers that brighten up your garden in the morning.

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