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Organic Low Sunflower

Organic Low Sunflower

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Organic Low Sunflower Sunspot

Bring the warmth and joy of the sun into your garden with our organic Low Sunflower Sunspot. Sow these beautiful, single-flowered sunflowers under glass from mid-March to April, or directly in the open ground in a seedbed from mid-April to June. After 5/6 weeks you can plant them out and admire how they grow into a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

These low sunflowers are very decorative and single-flowered, making them perfect to brighten up your garden. They thrive in full sun and grow to a height of about 40 cm. Whether you want to brighten up a border or create a beautiful cut flower for a floating bowl, these sunflowers are versatile and enchanting.

Product features

  • Very decorative and single-flowered sunflowers
  • Suitable for pots and garden beds
  • Ideal as a cut flower to decorate your home


  • Prefers a sunny location in full sun


  • Reaches a height of approximately 40 cm


  • Annual


  • Sow indoors from March to April
  • Sow outdoors from April to June
  • Blooms from July to October

Add a touch of sunshine to your garden with our organic Low Sunflower Sunspot and enjoy their radiant beauty throughout the growing season.

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