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Organic Nasturtium

Organic Nasturtium

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Organic Nasturtium - Climbing, Mixed

Bring color and vitality to your garden with our organic Nasturtium, Vine Mixed. Sow the seeds directly in the desired location from mid-March to the end of May. This strong climber and ground cover not only adds a playful element to your garden, but also has edible flowers, making it a great addition to your green space.

The single-flowered variety of this nasturtium presents itself in a range of beautiful colours, bringing your garden to life with vibrant hues. We recommend fertilizing sparingly to prevent excessive leaf growth, so that the flowers can reach their full potential.

Product features

  • Climbing nasturtium
  • Edible flowers add a unique culinary dimension
  • Single flowered in various beautiful colours


  • Reaches a height of 300 cm
  • Annually recurring


  • Sow outdoors from March to June
  • Blooms from July to October

Add a splash of color and flavor to your garden with our organic Nasturtium, Vine Mixed, and discover the versatile beauty of this striking plant.

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