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Organic Paprika (California Wonder)

Organic Paprika (California Wonder)

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Organic Pepper California Wonder

Bring color and flavor to your garden with our 'Organic Pepper California Wonder'. Sow the seeds from mid-March in a seed tray at a temperature of 20°C, or choose to sow them outside under glass later. After they have been pricked out, the young plants can be placed in pots, ideal for the windowsill or a greenhouse. This fairly compact growing variety also feels at home on a balcony or terrace.


  • Turns from green to red when fully ripe.
  • Enjoy up to 10 fruits per plant.
  • Suitable for both open ground and pots and containers.

Place your peppers in the right environment:

  • Location: Can be used in a pot, up to a height of 300 cm.

Timing is essential:

  • Sowing time indoors: March to April.
  • Harvest time: July to October.

Smart tips for success:

  • Start sowing in a growing container at 20°C (indoors) or later sow outdoors under glass.

Add a touch of color and versatility to your garden with our 'Organic Pepper California Wonder'. Experience the joy of growing and harvesting your own flavorful and colorful peppers for a variety of culinary creations.

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