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Organic Yellow Paprika (California Wonder)

Organic Yellow Paprika (California Wonder)

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Organic Paprika Yellow California Wonder (BIO)

Add some sunny colors to your garden with the Organic Paprika Yellow California Wonder. Sow these beautiful peppers from mid-March in a seed tray at 20°C, or later outside under glass. After they have been pricked out, you can plant them in pots on the windowsill, in a greenhouse, or even on a balcony or patio, as this variety grows quite compactly.

One of the most striking features of this pepper is its change in color, from green to yellow, as it ripens. So you can enjoy peppers in different stages of ripeness. With about 10 fruits per plant, you will have plenty of peppers to enjoy.

Product features

  • Changes from green to yellow as it ripens
  • Excellent for growing in pots or containers
  • Average 10 fruits per plant


  • Grows best in a sunny environment


  • Can reach a height of up to 300 cm


  • Sow indoors from March to April
  • Harvest time from July to October

Add some color to your garden and enjoy fresh, organic yellow peppers with the Organic Bell Pepper Yellow California Wonder.

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