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Organic Parsnip

Organic Parsnip

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Organic Parsnip - Guernsey (BIO)

The organic Guernsey parsnip is a tasty and versatile root vegetable that you can sow directly into the ground in April and May, exactly where you want. It is even possible to thin them out a bit if necessary. This ancient folk vegetable is becoming increasingly popular for its sweet and spicy flavor, which is delicious both raw and stewed. Additionally, parsnips add a rich flavor to broths and other dishes.


  • A taste that is both sweet and spicy.
  • A forgotten old vegetable that is back in fashion.
  • Versatile to use, both raw and stewed.


  • Reaches a height of approximately 45 cm.


  • Sow outdoors from April to May.
  • Harvest from November to March.

With organic Guernsey parsnips you add a delicious and versatile vegetable to your vegetable garden, perfect for numerous culinary creations.

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