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Organic Pumpkin (Waltham Butternut)

Organic Pumpkin (Waltham Butternut)

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Organic Edible Pumpkin (Waltham Butternut)

Discover the taste of nature with our organic Edible Pumpkin Waltham Butternut. Sow this delicious pumpkin in the open ground from late April to mid-June and treat your taste buds.

Waltham Butternut is a sweet, orange-fleshed gourd with a characteristic peanut shape. This versatile pumpkin is suitable for various culinary creations, from baking to pureeing. Known for its rich nutritional value, it can grow up to 3 kg, making it ideal for a variety of recipes.

Product features

  • Packed with nutritional value for a healthy lifestyle
  • Can grow to an impressive size of 3 kg
  • Versatile in the kitchen, suitable for various recipes


  • Thrives well in fertile soil


  • Reaches a height of approximately 65 cm


  • Sow outdoors from April to June
  • Harvest time from September to October

Add delicious taste and nutritional value to your dishes with our organic Edible Pumpkin Waltham Butternut, a culinary treat straight from nature.

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