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Organic Leek

Organic Leek

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Organic Winter-hardy Leek De Carentan 2 (BIO) - Your Robust Vegetable for the Colder Months

Plant a piece of winter magic in your garden with our 'Organic Winter-hardy Leek De Carentan 2'. Sow in open ground in a seedbed at the end of March to mid-May and transplant when the plant is the thickness of a pencil. For a harmonious biological balance, you can plant strawberries, cabbage, carrots and celery in addition to the leek.


  • Particularly winter hardy, defies the cold with vigor.
  • A late variety that survives the winter.
  • Can also be frozen for long lasting freshness.

Create your own winter oasis:

  • Position: Suitable for open ground, extends up to 80 cm.

Timing is essential:

  • Sowing time outdoors: March to April.
  • Harvest time: October to January.

With our 'Organic Winter-hardy Leek De Carentan 2' you can enjoy an abundant harvest even in the colder months. Let this robust vegetable inspire you to cook and enjoy healthy meals straight from your own garden.

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