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Organic Arugula

Organic Arugula

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Organic Arugula (BIO) - Spicy Seasoning for Your Salads

Add a hint of spice and a nutty twist to your salads with our 'Organic Arugula'. Sow this tasty vegetable in rows in the open ground, from March to September. Arugula, with its spicy and nutty flavor, will take your salads to the next level.


  • Young leaves with a spicy nutty flavor.
  • Fast growing crop that won't test your patience.
  • Suitable for open field cultivation.

Create your own culinary adventure:

  • Location: Reaches a height of approximately 30 cm.

Timing is essential:

  • Sowing time outdoors: March to September.
  • Harvest time: July to October.

With our 'Organic Arugula' you add a touch of spice and personality to your dishes. Enjoy the unique taste and texture this vegetable has to offer, straight from your own garden. Unleash your creativity and make every meal special.

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