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Organic Sprouting Salad Mix (spicy)

Organic Sprouting Salad Mix (spicy)

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Organic Sprouting Salad Mix Spicy (BIO)

Discover the power of freshly grown sprouts with our Organic Spicy Sprouting Salad Mix . These organic seeds contain a spicy mix of Red Daikon (Japanese radish), Arugula, Broccoli and Fenugreek. The resulting sprouts have a pleasant and spicy taste, making them a delicious addition to various dishes. They are packed with vitamins and minerals, which contributes to a healthy and tasty culinary experience.

Sprouting vegetables can easily be grown with water. Sprinkle the seed in a thin layer on a seed grid and rinse it carefully under the tap. Place the rack in a glass bowl, fill it with water up to the bottom of the rack and place it on a windowsill at normal room temperature (20-22°C). Don't forget to change the water daily.

An alternative method is to fill an empty butter container with moist cotton wool and sprinkle the seeds on top. Keep the cotton wool well moist, and within 5 days the sprouts will be ready to eat when they are 3-5 cm long.

Product features

  • Pleasant and spicy taste of sprouts
  • Adds a colorful and tasty garnish to dishes
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals for a healthy meal

Add a little spice to your dishes with our Organic Sprouting Salad Mix Spicy. Enjoy these healthy, tasty sprouts as an addition to your favorite dishes.

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