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Organic Stem Green Bean Lapwing

Organic Stem Green Bean Lapwing

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Organic Standard Green Bean Lapwing low (BIO)

Make your vegetable garden shine with the organic Lavender Lapwing layer. This beautiful standard bean variety is ideal for sowing directly in the open ground from mid-May to early July. The beans in the pods are perfect for fresh use in various dishes. You can also save them; harvest the pods when they feel parchment-like and let them dry in the wind. Before using the beans, it is best to soak them overnight.

Product features

  • Striking stem lapwing bean with beans that resemble lapwing eggs
  • Consume only the harvested seeds, not the pod skin
  • When cooked, the seeds have a thin, wonderfully soft seed coat


  • Reaches a height of 30-50 cm


  • Sow outdoors from May to July
  • Harvest time from September to October

Advice and tips

  • Harvest in September to early October. After drying for several weeks, the seeds can be threshed or shelled.

Add this beautiful organic Standard Lettuce Bean Lapwing layer to your vegetable garden and enjoy the unique taste and appearance of this special bean variety.

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