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Organic Bacon Bean

Organic Bacon Bean

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Organic Bacon Bean - Neckarkönigin (BIO)

This organic Stick Bacon Bean, known as Neckarkönigin, adds a tasty and nutritious dimension to your vegetable garden. Sow these beans in the open ground from mid-May to July and provide growth support with sticks or rope. Sow the beans about 3 cm deep. Neckarkönigin is known for its exceptionally long, fleshy, thick and round beans.


  • Produces long, fleshy, thick and round beans.
  • Can be used as a string bean and green bean.
  • Provides an excellent taste that will enrich your dishes.


  • Suitable for open field cultivation.
  • Likes a sunny location with sufficient warmth.
  • Can grow to a height of about 250 cm.


  • Sowing outdoors is possible from May to July.
  • Harvesting can be done from July to September.

With this organic Stick Bacon Bean - Neckarkönigin you can enjoy an abundant harvest of delicious beans that you can use in various ways in your dishes. Discover the versatility of this special bean in your vegetable garden.

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