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Organic Sweet Corn

Organic Sweet Corn

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Organic Sweet Corn - Golden Bantam

Enjoy the sweet taste of fresh sweet corn straight from your own garden with our organic Sweet Corn - Golden Bantam. Sow the seeds in the open ground in mid-April on a seedbed and plant them out after mid-May. Alternatively, you can sow directly in lines at the desired location from mid-May.

This variety is known for its delicious sweet corn cobs, and you can expect up to 2 cobs per plant. Ideal for early cultivation, whether you grow in open ground or under glass.

Make sure you harvest the cobs on time to prevent the kernels from becoming hard and mealy. Sweet corn is a pleasure to grow and even better to taste. Add a touch of sweetness to your garden with our organic Golden Bantam Sweet Corn.

Product features

  • Produces 2 cobs per plant
  • Suitable for early cultivation
  • Both for open field cultivation and under glass


  • Suitable for sowing in open ground
  • Reaches a height of 200 cm


  • Sow in open ground from April to June
  • Harvest from July to September

Grow your garden and enjoy the fresh, sweet taste of home-grown sweet corn with our organic Golden Bantam seeds.

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