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Organic Tomato Roma

Organic Tomato Roma

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Organic Tomato Roma VF

Discover the versatile taste of our 'Organic Tomato - Roma VF'. This tomato variety is known for its firm flesh and is perfect for a range of delicious dishes. Sow in a seed tray at 20°C at the end of February or later outdoors under glass, and enjoy an abundance of juicy tomatoes that you can use in salads, soups and pasta sauces. Add a tasty twist to your culinary creations with Roma VF tomatoes!


  • Enjoy the firm flesh of this tomato.
  • Ideal for making tasty salads, tomato soups and pasta sauces.

Make your garden shine:

  • Add color and flavor to your garden with these versatile tomatoes.
  • Create a tasteful corner in your vegetable garden or on your balcony.

Perfect timing:

  • Start sowing at the end of February in a seed tray at 20°C, or later outdoors under glass.
  • Transplant the seedlings to a greenhouse, pot, or outside in a sheltered and sunny spot.

Smart Tips:

  • Ensure a healthy plant structure by regularly removing side shoots.
  • Use these tomatoes to enrich your dishes with their firm texture and taste.

With our 'Organic Tomato - Roma VF' you get a valuable addition to your vegetable garden. Enjoy the versatility of these tomatoes and pamper your taste buds with their delicious taste and firm flesh. Add a touch of culinary magic to your dishes with Roma VF tomatoes!

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