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Organic Watermelon

Organic Watermelon

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Organic Watermelon Crimson Sweet (BIO)

Bring the sweet taste of summer to your garden with the Organic Watermelon Crimson Sweet . Sow this delicious watermelon variety in mid-April in a seed tray at 20°C or later outdoors under glass. After transplanting you can plant them in a greenhouse or outside. Watermelons feel best outside, in a sheltered and sunny spot. An additional advantage is that pruning is not necessary.

Product features

  • Very sweet with dark red flesh
  • Long shelf life
  • Can weigh up to 12 kg


  • Light requirement: Sun
  • Height: 150 cm


  • Sowing time indoors: April to May
  • Harvest time: August to November

Advice and tips

  • Sowing advice: growing container at 20°C (indoors) or later outside under glass

Add the taste of summer refreshment to your garden with the Organic Watermelon Crimson Sweet . Enjoy sweet, juicy watermelons you grew at home.

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