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Organic Winter Carrots

Organic Winter Carrots

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Organic Winter Carrots Berlikumer 2

Let your vegetable garden shine in winter with our 'Organic Winter Carrots Berlikumer 2'. Sow these wonderfully sweet winter carrots in the open ground from mid-March to early July and enjoy a productive harvest that you can even store into the winter. These fine winter carrots are perfect for enriching your dishes and freezing for later use.


  • A nice winter carrot for the cold months.
  • Enjoy the sweet taste of winter.
  • Suitable for freezing for long-term use.

Let your vegetable garden bloom:

  • Add a touch of winter magic to your green space.

Perfect timing:

  • Sow outdoors: March to July.
  • Harvest time: October to November.

Smart Tips:

  • Sow in rows in the open ground for optimal growth.
  • Keep the soil moist during cultivation.

With our 'Organic Winter Carrots Berlikumer 2' you have access to delicious, sweet carrots all year round that will enrich your vegetable garden and your meals. Let the winter flavors warm your senses and enjoy a bountiful harvest. Enjoy your meal!

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