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Wooden houseplant labels

Wooden houseplant labels

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Wooden Houseplant Labels - For Plant Lovers with a Touch of Humor

Are you a real (house)plant lover? Or are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who is? Our funny wooden houseplant labels are exactly what you need! These charming plant stakes are designed to easily attach to your plants and add a playful touch to your green oasis. They are also great for making gifts extra special. Would you like to have a personal message engraved? That is also possible!

Features of the wooden plant stakes:

  • "Grow with the flow"
  • "The plant and I need a drink"
  • "Please don't die"

Our plant stakes are made from 4 mm Scandinavian pine wood. Each copy is carefully sanded after it comes out of the laser cutter. Because natural materials are used, each plug is unique and may differ slightly from the image.

Add a touch of personality to your houseplants with our Wooden Houseplant Labels. Whether you want to brighten up your own plant collection or surprise someone with a creative gift, these plugs will certainly put a smile on your face. Order today and give your houseplants a quirky twist!

Bring some humor into your plant care with our Wooden Houseplant Labels. Choose your favorite texts and give your plants a sparkling character. Unleash your creativity and make your green space even more special!

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