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Kixx gloves Funky Fruit Yellow

Kixx gloves Funky Fruit Yellow

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Kixx Glove Funky Fruit Yellow - Colorful Garden Fun

Product features:

  • Cheerful design with Funky Fruit theme
  • Comfortable protection for your hands
  • Size 8 corresponds to size M

Add a touch of color and fun to your garden work with the Kixx Glove Funky Fruit Yellow. These garden gloves from the "Fruit Line" collection not only provide protection, but also provide a stylish look while you garden.

This glove is specially designed with a cheerful Funky Fruit theme, making gardening even more fun. The colorful print and striking yellow design make every task a party.

The glove not only provides visual pleasure, but also comfortable protection for your hands. Size 8, which corresponds to size M, ensures you have an optimal fit for an effortless gardening experience. Work in style as you care for your plants, sow and let your garden bloom.

Experience the fun of Funky Fruit while you garden with the Kixx Glove Funky Fruit Yellow. Let your hands enjoy comfort and style as you bring the beauty of your garden to life!

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