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Mini Champ - King's oyster mushroom

Mini Champ - King's oyster mushroom

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Mini Champ Home Growing King Oyster Mushroom

Discover the regal taste of our Mini Champ King Oyster Mushroom, which allows you to grow the majestic King Oyster Mushroom directly in your own kitchen. With a velvety light gray-brown cap and a large, sturdy white stem, this mushroom is not only decorative but also extremely tasty. The kit contains all the supplies, including natural compost and covering soil, to allow your own King Oyster mushrooms to flourish and be picked at a time of your choosing.

The King Oyster Mushroom, also called Eryngii, is a mushroom that grows in bunches and has a slightly spicy taste. Its regal appearance and delicious taste make it versatile in culinary creations. Clean carefully with a brush or a damp piece of paper towel. Cut away the tough stem in a wedge shape and divide the mushroom into slices or quarters. Avoiding running water is crucial to ensure flavor retention.

The King Oyster mushroom adds a touch of elegance and flavor to various dishes. Whether you like meat, game or vegetarian dishes, this mushroom feels at home in a wide range of meals. Experiment with sauces, pastes and more, and discover how the King Oyster Mushroom can take your dishes to the next level. From an autumnal pasta dish with fried leek to delicious meat dishes, this mushroom rules in your kitchen with its taste and versatility.

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