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Picture book 'In Plokje's backyard'

Picture book 'In Plokje's backyard'

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Picture book: In Plokje's Backyard - An Adventurous Journey of Discovery

Step into the world of adventure and wonder with our educational picture book 'In Plokje's Backyard'. Follow the inquisitive chicken Plokje as she goes on a journey of discovery and explores the first flowers that emerge from the ground in spring. This heartwarming story takes young readers on an enchanting journey inspired by the meaningful Victorian language of flowers.

Written by talented author Hettie Drost, this picture book invites children to embrace the beauty and magic of nature. With every page, curious minds are encouraged to explore, learn and grow.


  • Educational picture book that promotes curiosity and discovery
  • Follow the adventures of Plokje, the inquisitive chicken
  • Explore the first flowers of spring with a touch of Victorian flair
  • Written by Hettie Drost, a master in enchanting young readers

Immerse yourself in the world of Plokje and her journey of discovery through the backyard. 'In Plokje's Backyard' is more than just a book - it is an invitation to learn, grow and enjoy the natural wonders around us.

Feed your child's curiosity with the inspiring story of Plokje. Order today and let the adventures come to life!

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