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Winter seed potatoes Garlic - Germidour

Winter seed potatoes Garlic - Germidour

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Winter Seed Potatoes Garlic - Messidrome/Germidour (5 pieces - bulbs)

Who doesn't love the taste of garlic in their dishes? With our Winter Garlic - Messidrome/Germidour (5 pieces - bulbs) you can grow that delicious taste in your own garden.

Garlic Planting in October, Harvesting in July - Your Own Garlic Adventure

Plant this winter garlic in October and let it grow quietly during the cold months. In July you can harvest the garlic bulbs, full of juicy and tasty cloves. It's an adventure that will tantalize your taste buds.

Tasty and Healthy - Your Home Grown Garlic Plants.

This garlic not only adds a delicious flavor to your dishes, but also has health benefits. Provide a sunny spot in your garden, plant the garlic in October and enjoy your own fresh garlic harvest. No more hassle with the supermarket.

Growing Garlic - Discover the Satisfaction

With our Winter Garlic seed potatoes - Messidrome/Germidour you bring taste and health to your own garden. Add this versatile herb to your gardening adventures and discover the satisfaction of growing your own garlic. Plant in October, harvest in July, and enjoy fresh, aromatic garlic from your own garden.

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