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Seed bag 'Love'

Seed bag 'Love'

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Seed bag 'Love' - Red Flame Flower (Phlox) Seeds

Would you like to send a unique gesture of affection? Our 'Love' Seed Bag is perfect for that special someone. It contains beautiful red flame flower (phlox) seeds that symbolize love and beauty. The back of the packaging even offers space to add the names of the sender and receiver, giving this pouch a personal touch.


  • High-quality red flame flower (phlox) seeds
  • Symbolizes love and affection
  • Ability to add sender and receiver names
  • A meaningful gift to send

Whether you want to surprise someone with a thoughtful gesture, celebrate a happy occasion or simply spread some love, our 'Love' Seed Bag is a wonderful choice. Let the growing beauty of the red flame flower convey the message of love and joy.

Add a personal touch to your gift with our 'Love' Seed Bag. Order today and send a message of affection that will blossom!

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