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Organic Flower Mixture Bees

Organic Flower Mixture Bees

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Organic Flower Mixture for Bees (BIO)

Bring your garden to life and welcome bees with our Organic Flower Blend for Bees . This mixture, which contains both annual and perennial flowers, can easily be sown from mid-April to the end of May in the desired location, in rows or widely. To make sowing easier, you can mix the seed with fine sand in a ratio of 1 to 3.

This mixture is designed to attract bees, with nectar-rich flowers that will attract these important pollinators. The versatile flowers provide a beautiful display in your garden and remain in bloom for a long period, from June to October.

Product features

  • Mixture with annual and perennial flowers
  • Attractive to bees, with nectar-bearing species
  • Long lasting flowering


  • Height: 40-100 cm
  • Type: Annual


  • Sowing time outdoors: April to June
  • Flowering time: June to October

Give the bees the nectar they need and enjoy a beautiful, colorful garden with our Organic Flower Blend for Bees .

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