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Organic Basil (Italiano Classico)

Organic Basil (Italiano Classico)

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Organic Basil - Italian Classic (BIO)

Get the delicious flavors of Italy straight into your vegetable garden with our Organic 'Basil - Italian Classic'. This aromatic herb plant is the essential basis for making delicious pesto. Sow the seeds from April to August in a cozy growing container and transplant the seedlings into your garden or into cozy flower pots after 4 weeks. The delicious basil leaf can be used fresh, frozen or stored dried (in a tightly sealed tin or jar).


  • The classic basil variety for authentic pesto.
  • Annual plant that lasts a single growing season.
  • Perfect for growing indoors.

Let it shine in your garden or on your balcony:

  • Gives your green space a wonderful Italian touch.

Perfect timing:

  • Sow indoors: all year round
  • Sow outdoors: June to August.
  • Harvest time: July to September.

Smart Tips:

  • Plant it indoors or plant the seeds directly in the ground for a tasty surprise.
  • Pick several times to always enjoy fresh basil.

With our 'Organic Basil - Italian Classic' you bring the culinary magic of Italy to your own kitchen. Add a touch of passion to your dishes and let your taste buds dance to the seductive notes of basil. Bon appétit!

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