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Organic Cucumber

Organic Cucumber

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Organic Cucumber Marketmore

Discover the taste of fresh, juicy cucumbers straight from your own vegetable garden with our 'Organic Cucumber Marketmore'. Sow the seeds under glass in mid-April to May, transplant the seedlings into pots and plant them outside at the end of May. You can also sow directly in the open ground from May. Remember: do not stand on the vines during growth to avoid bitter fruits.


  • Ideal for cultivation in the open ground, perfect for the outdoor area.
  • Produces dark green and straight fruits for maximum yield.
  • Resistant to diseases for healthy and tasty cucumbers.

Give your cucumbers the best environment:

  • Location: Sowing in open ground is possible. Height up to 200 cm.

Timing is essential:

  • Sowing time indoors: April to May.
  • Sowing time outdoors: May to June.
  • Harvest time: July to September.

Enjoy your own crispy cucumbers with our 'Organic Cucumber Marketmore'. Provide ideal growing conditions and reap the rewards of your hard work when harvest time arrives.

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