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Organic Lavender

Organic Lavender

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Organic Lavender (BIO)

Lavender, the classic fragrant plant known for its beautiful flowers and versatility. Sow this organic lavender in a growing container between April and June. After 8 weeks you can plant the seedlings outside in a sunny area or in a container. Dried lavender is ideal as a scented sachet in the linen cupboard and as a tea for coughing. The fresh leaves add a delicious flavor to (fish) dishes.

Product features

  • Beautiful flowering, fragrant shrubby plants that are known to everyone.
  • A perennial herb that has numerous uses.


Lavender thrives best in a light, warm place, both when sown indoors and after planting out in the garden. The plant can reach a height of about 60 cm.


  • Sow indoors: April to June.
  • Sow outdoors: April to June.
  • Harvesting: from July to September.

Advice and tips

  • Sow lavender indoors in a seed tray or greenhouse for optimal results.
  • Make sure the soil remains sufficiently moist or soak the seeds before sowing.
  • Covering with foil creates an optimal microclimate for germination.

Add this organic Lavender to your garden and enjoy its beautiful flowers and various uses, from aromatic scented sachets to tasty herbs in your dishes.

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