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Organic Parsley (Gigante d'Italia)

Organic Parsley (Gigante d'Italia)

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Organic Parsley Gigante d'Italia

Add a touch of Italian flair to your herb garden with our 'Organic Parsley - Gigante d'Italia'. This refined herbal plant brings the authentic aroma of Italy straight to your kitchen. Sow the seeds under glass from mid-February to March, or in the open ground from mid-March to early August. The smooth-leaved Gigante d'Italia parsley has a more intense aroma than the curly variety and is therefore perfect for use in dishes such as a tasty 'Bouquet garni'.


  • Enjoy an Italian variety with great taste.
  • The smooth-leaved parsley has a more intense flavor than the curly variety.

Make your dishes shine:

  • Add an authentic Italian accent to your culinary creations.

Perfect timing:

  • Sow under glass: mid-February to March.
  • Sow in open ground: mid-March to early August.

Smart Tips:

  • Ideal for creating a delicious 'Bouquet garni' and other tasty dishes.
  • Grow this aromatic beauty directly in your garden.

With our 'Organic Parsley - Gigante d'Italia' you bring the enchanting flavors of Italy to every meal. Add a touch of culinary magic to your dishes and let your taste buds enjoy the authentic Italian essence. Buon appetito!

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