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Organic Pickled Lettuce

Organic Pickled Lettuce

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Organic Picked Lettuce - Red Salad Bowl (BIO)

This organic Pickled Lettuce, also known as Red Salad Bowl, is a versatile vegetable that you can sow in the open ground from March to the end of August. It is a type of lettuce characterized by soft, curled leaves and is sometimes also called oak leaf lettuce. When sowing, it is important not to sow too close together, and you can thin out slightly if necessary. You leave the heart of the plant intact, so you can harvest it again and again. This lettuce is ideal for garnishing your dishes.


  • Also known as oak leaf lettuce.
  • Forms many soft, curled leaves.
  • Beautiful for garnishing dishes.


  • Sowing in open ground is suitable.
  • Reaches a height of about 20 cm.


  • Sow indoors from February to March.
  • Sow outdoors from March to August.
  • Harvest from May to October.

The organic Pickled Lettuce - Red Salad Bowl not only adds a delicious, fresh taste to your dishes, but also a beautiful presentation. Enjoy the versatility of this organic lettuce.

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