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Organic Rosemary

Organic Rosemary

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Organic Rosemary (BIO)

Let the wonderful scent and taste of 'Organic Rosemary' enchant your culinary creations. This powerful herb adds a touch of Mediterranean magic to meat and fish dishes. Sow the seeds in March-April in a seed tray or outdoors in April-June on a seedbed. Transplant the seedlings after transplanting and protect the plants from frost during the winter, or keep them indoors as a potted plant.


  • Stems and leaves are used in meat and fish dishes.
  • Can grow to a height of 1 meter.
  • A perennial plant with a shrub-like growth habit.

Give your dishes a Mediterranean touch:

  • Height: 60 cm

Perfect timing:

  • Sow indoors: March to April.
  • Sow outdoors: April to June.
  • Harvest time: June to September.

Add the sun-kissed flavors of 'Organic Rosemary' to your kitchen and be enchanted by the aromatic allure of Mediterranean cuisine. Bon appétit!

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