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Organic Chard (red)

Organic Chard (red)

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Organic Chard - Rhubarb Chard (BIO)

This organic Chard, also known as Rhubarb Chard, offers a tasty and versatile addition to your vegetable garden. You can sow regularly in the open ground from mid-March to the end of August, so you can harvest several times. The leaf of this chard is green with striking red veins and can be eaten like spinach or, when young, added to a Baby leaf mix with lettuce and arugula. If you let the plants continue to grow, you can later enjoy the beautiful red petioles or ribs.


  • Has a soft and wonderfully fresh taste.
  • Versatile for use in wok dishes, stir-fry dishes, stews or steamed.
  • A beautiful and decorative type of chard.


  • Suitable for open ground.
  • Reaches a height of approximately 75 cm.


  • Sowing outdoors can be done from March to August.
  • Harvesting is possible from May to October.

This organic Chard - Rhubarb Chard not only adds color to your vegetable garden, but also a delicious taste to your meals. Discover the versatility of this special chard variety.

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