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Organic Tomato Matina

Organic Tomato Matina

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Organic Tomato Matina

Discover the early glory of our 'Organic Tomato - Matina'. This tasty tomato variety ripens quickly and spoils you with juicy and tasty fruits. Start your gardening season in a tasteful way with Matina tomatoes that are suitable for cultivation in both open ground and pots. Enjoy the early harvest and add a touch of freshness to your dishes!


  • Enjoy the early ripening of this tasty tomato.
  • Perfectly suitable for cultivation in the open ground and in pots.
  • Experience fruits weighing between 60-80 grams.

Make your garden shine:

  • Add color and flavor to your garden with these early tomatoes.
  • Create a tasteful corner in your vegetable garden or on your balcony.

Perfect timing:

  • Start sowing at the end of February in a seed tray at 20°C, or later outside under glass.
  • Plant the seedlings in a greenhouse, pot, or outside in a sheltered and sunny spot.

Smart Tips:

  • Keep your plant healthy and open by regularly removing side shoots.
  • Enjoy the early harvest and add a fresh and tasty touch to your dishes.

With our 'Organic Tomato - Matina' you are assured of a wonderful start to the garden season. Reap the rewards of your hard work and enjoy the rich flavor of early tomatoes. Let your taste buds dance with this tasty addition to your vegetable garden!

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