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Organic Wild Marjoram (Oregano)

Organic Wild Marjoram (Oregano)

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Wild Marjoram - Oregano (BIO)

Offer a spot to a Mediterranean favorite in your own garden with Wild Marjoram - Oregano. This organic oregano is a versatile herb that you can grow all year round. Sowing is possible all year round indoors at 20°C. For best results, sow in a seed tray in March-April or outdoors in a seedbed at the end of July. After you have pricked the plants once, you can plant them out in your garden.

This marjoram, also known as oregano, is not only known for its taste, but has also been used for centuries as a natural medicine, especially in the form of tea. The spicy taste of this herb adds an authentic touch to many Southern European dishes.

Product features

  • A perennial herb that can bloom season after season.
  • Has a unique soft taste that enriches your dishes.
  • The plants show graceful bunches of brown-red flowers.


  • Sowing time indoors from March to April.
  • Sowing time outdoors from April to June.
  • Harvest time from June to September.

Bring a bit of Mediterranean flavor to your own garden with the versatile and tasty Wild Marjoram - Oregano. Enjoy the smooth, spicy flavor of this beautiful perennial herb in your own culinary creations.

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