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Crocus Grand Maitre (crocus)

Crocus Grand Maitre (crocus)

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Organic Crocus Grand Maître 7/8 (10 pieces)

Welcome early spring with a shade of royal purple in your garden with the Bio Crocus Grand Maître. This set of ten organic crocus bulbs brings a regal look to your outdoor space, and they are a beacon of hope that spring is on the way.

Product features

  • A set of ten organic Crocus Grand Maître bulbs.
  • These crocuses adorn your garden with a beautiful purple color.


  • These crocuses thrive best in a sunny to semi-shady environment.


  • They grow to a height of about 15 cm.


  • Plant these crocuses in the fall, between September and December.
  • Enjoy their regal blooms in early spring, from February to March.

Add a touch of royal elegance to your garden with the Bio Crocus Grand Maître. These organic crocuses announce the long-awaited spring in a majestic way.

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