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Kixx gloves Fast Fruit green

Kixx gloves Fast Fruit green

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Kixx Glove Fast Fruit Green Size 8 - For Fast and Stylish Gardening

Product features:

  • Energetic design with Fast Fruit theme
  • Protection and dexterity for your hands
  • Size 8 corresponds to size M

Add a touch of speed and style to your gardening work with the Kixx Glove Fast Fruit Green Size 8. As part of the "Fruit Line" collection, this garden glove not only offers protection, but also a dynamic and vibrant design that will brighten up your gardening experience.

With its striking green color and energetic Fast Fruit theme, this glove inspires you to get started in your garden with enthusiasm. But it's not just style that matters - this glove also provides essential protection and dexterity for your hands, so you can work in comfort without sacrificing functionality.

With size 8, which corresponds to size M, the Kixx Glove Fast Fruit Green is designed for a perfect fit. Whether you're sowing, planting or harvesting, this glove gives you the freedom of movement and protection you need to tackle your garden projects with confidence.

Experience the fun of fast and stylish gardening with the Kixx Glove Fast Fruit Green Size 8. Be inspired by the dynamic design as you bring your garden to life and transform your green space into an oasis of beauty and efficiency!

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