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Muscari Armeniacum (blue grapes)

Muscari Armeniacum (blue grapes)

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Bio Muscari Armeniacum 7/8 (10 pieces)

Add a touch of cobalt blue splendor to your garden with Bio Muscari Armeniacum, also known as "blue grapes". This is the most commonly grown variety of Muscari, and for good reason. The small, bell-shaped flowers are in intense cobalt blue with an elegant white edge, and they form compact flower clusters that are an extremely graceful sight.

Product features

  • This set contains ten organic Muscari Armeniacum bulbs.
  • Enjoy their beautiful, bell-shaped, blue flowers with a white edge.


  • Place this Muscari in a sunny to semi-shady area for the best results.


  • These flowers grow to a height of about 20 cm.


  • Plant the bulbs in the fall, between September and December.
  • Enjoy their breathtaking flowering in April.

Bathe your garden in an enchanting blue glow with the Bio Muscari Armeniacum. These organic flowers are like a spring sky full of blue bells.

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