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Sogo Paperpot (9cm, 12pcs)

Sogo Paperpot (9cm, 12pcs)

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Sogo Paperpot - Easy Sowing and Growing Strong Plants

Meet the future of sowing and cuttings - the 'Sogo Paperpot'. These innovative paper pots are designed to make your growing experience effortless, while growing strong and healthy plants at the same time. Transplanting is a thing of the past, because with the 'Sogo Paperpot' you place the pot and its contents directly in the soil. The pot dissolves and the roots find their way easily, resulting in flourishing plants.


  • Use biodegradable paper pots for an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Experience the convenience of this user-friendly solution for sowing and cuttings.
  • Say goodbye to transplanting and give your plants a flying start.

Easy and Effective Sowing:

With the 'Sogo Paperpot', sowing and cutting becomes an effortless activity. Simply place the paper pot and its contents directly into the ground. The pot will gradually dissolve, allowing the roots to develop freely and grow strong, healthy plants.


These paper pots are ideal for both novice and experienced gardeners who strive for a smooth and successful cultivation. Whether you're growing vegetables, herbs or flowers, the 'Sogo Paperpot' offers a hassle-free and sustainable way to help your plants thrive.

Choose convenience, sustainability and healthy growth with the 'Sogo Paperpot'. Simplify your growing process and enjoy the fruits of strong and prosperous plants. Your journey to successful sowing and growing starts here!

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